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Ludovica Pinna
Photo Alessandro Botticelli

Surely the decision to start a full time formation, with the aim to become professional dancer one day, is a very important step in a life of a student.

The intensive courses organised by the Academy are giving the chance, to the faculty and the students himself, to evaluate whether the will and the passion will be strong enough to support the choice of enrolling for a full program of studies.

Beside the audition organised during the year the intensive courses, which take place through out the year, assume also an auditioning role.


The students will be evalueted on:

• Talent and potential combined with a sound classical ballet technique

• Physical capacities, co-ordination, flexibility, musicality and artisticity.


The age minimum to be admitted in to the Academy's courses are

• Pre-professional Formation Course 10/11years old

• Professional Formation Course 13/14 years old

If the student is admitted to the courses he or she will be subject to a year trail time.





Documento senza titolo
Documento senza titolo