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Giovanni Rotolo
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The Academy’ s final purposes are:

1) Offer to students a complete program of studies. Through such a program the future dancer will be able to cope with any dance style, classical and contemporary, and to totally meet the requests of the choreographic world. 
2) Profiting from the teachers’ great experience the different techniques and methodics that support dance, we want to improve the students’ technique, the physical, psychic and artistic capacities, in order to prepare them to cope with the inevitable obstacles and sacrifices that an artistic career impose and to introduce them to the professional world with the possibility to be more competitive.

The five years course is thus divided:

I Year: 13/14/15
II Year: 15/16
III Year: 16/17
IV Year: 17/18
V Year: 18/19

The above reported distribution of ages is the best possible in order to be able to achieve the studies and to be presented in auditions respecting the international ballet companies standards. However in some cases there could be the possibility of making an exception to the regulations.
The insertion of the students in to the different levels it’s a decision that solely pertains to the Academy’s Direction and teachers.
The Senior course take place every week day from Monday till Friday ( 5 hours a day) and some of the Saturdays in the month, its curriculum includes Classical Ballet (included Technique, Point work, Male Technique, Group Repertoire, Solo repertoire, Pas de deux) , Contemporary Dance ( includes 2 different techniques: Laban/Bartenieff and Nikolais based. Improvisation, Composition), Pilates and Floor Work classes.

In order to give the students the possibilities of a real stage experience, the Academy, organize, eventually in collaboration with public and private institutions and organisations, performances in which the students can improve theirs’ abilities.


Surely the decision to undertake a professional formation in dance, with the aim to become one day a dancer, is a very important step in the life of a young student. The Junior course is designed to give to parents and students a complete vision of the path that is required to become a professional. It also gives to the teachers the possibility to assess and to evaluate the passion and the will, beside the physical talent, in a student, qualities that are necessary to achieve such demanding goal. The Junior course take place once a month, every first week end in the month, and its curriculum includes Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Floor Work classes.
The junior Course for students aged 10/11 to 13 years old
Classes are held on a monthly rate every 1 weekend from October throught June


In order to advance in to the next Junior and Senior levels students have to undergo the annual examination that takes place at the end of the school year. The judging panel is formed by the permanent staff of the academy and from an external commission composed by famous personalities of the dance world (Directors of companies, Ballet Masters and internationally renowned Teachers and Dancers).




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