Chiara Prina

Classical Ballet

After completing an audition at 15, she was granted admission to Accademia Internazionale Coreutica, directed by Elisabetta Hertel.
At the age of 20, she started her career as a dancer in the Kaos Balletto company in Florence, directed by Roberto Sartori and Katiuscia Bozza.
Besides her career as a dancer, she also began teaching and choreographing contemporary dance at the age of 23, obtaining excellent results in various competitions where her students participated.

Her studies in classical and modern dance began at the Teobaldo Ciconi school, where she studied classical ballet with Diana Cinello and modern dance with Franco Favaro.

After her admission into Accademia Internazioale Coreutica, she began her professional formation journey in different disciplines:
Classical dance, repertoire, Pointe, pas de deux and history of dance with the director of the Academy Elisabetta Hertel.
Contemporary and modern dance with the Michele Pogliani, Paolo Mereu, Lorella Rapisarda
History of music, music applied to dance with the Massimiliano Greco
During the time at Accademia Internazionale Coreutica, she participates in various workshops, organized by the Academy itself with high-level teachers in the classical ballet and contemporary dance fields.
Her career as a professional dancer began with Kaos Balletto company in Florence, where she performed, throughout Italy and abroad, ballets by notable choreographers like: Roberto Sartori, Christian Fara, Michele Pogliani, Valerio Longo, Michele Merola, Paolo Arcangeli, Francesco Ventriglia, Eugenio Buratti.
In the various productions, in addition to corps de ballet she also danced solo roles.
From 2010, she worked both as a dancer (with Kaos Balletto company) and as a classical and contemporary teacher in different schools: Figline Danza, Studio Culturale Campi Danza, Not just dance, Liceo Classico Michelangiolo, Accademia Internazionale Coreutica, Imagina dance, Kaos Balletto di Firenze.
Since 2023, she collaborates with Kynesis CDC company directed by Angelo Egarese and with the rhythmic gymnastics company Iris.

2013 “Uomo.Donna” 1 prize On Stage competition , “Apollo” 1 prize Beato Angelico competition, “Infra”1 prize Beato Angelico competition (junior division)
“Dheos”2 prize Si Danza Costa Etrusca competition
2014 “Awakening” 2nd prize, “Little Women Grow” 1st prize, “In the same Kaos” 3rd prize Beato Angelico competition
2015 “Mia dell’anima” 1st prize Maria Toth competition 2016 “Swan Lake Part 15” 3rd prize Maria Toth competition “To My Memories”2nd prize Maria Toth competition
2018 “Lighthouse drifting” 2nd prize at the Kaos Dance Competition
2018 “She always smile” 3rd prize International Ballet Competition Sicily
2019 solo extract from the choreography “The second mark” 2nd prize International Ballet Competition Sicily
2019 “Attendance” 2nd place in the Tuscany Dance Competition 2019 “Lighter” 2nd place Maria Toth competition

2017 for Accademia Internazionale Coreutica she choreographed “The second mark.”
2018 she was invited by RDC Youth Company in Birmingham, directed by Adam Rutherford, to choreograph “ABNORMAL” which toured in England as a world premiere.
2019 she choreographed “San Lorenzo” for the Accademia Internazionale Coreutica for the shows organized in collaboration with Istituto Saffi
With the Michelangiolo high school she began a collaboration with the theater laboratory where she directed the dance part of the various theatrical projects, participating every year in the International Festival of Classical Youth Theater (INDA)
2017-2021 she was Maître de Ballet for Kaos Balletto company of Florence.