During the year the Academy organizes auditions to offer aspiring dancers the opportunity to be admitted to the Academy’s training courses.

Candidates can submit their application in the following ways:

  1. public auditions, organized by the Academy (dates are communicated on the website)
  2. requesting access to a private audition (by appointment)
  3. during the Summer Intensive Course that the Academy itself organizes

Tour Audizioni 2024/2025 Accademia Internazionale Coreutica

TOUR AUDIZIONI 2024/2025 ACCADEMIA INTERNAZIONALE COREUTICA MILANO 1 dicembre 2023 – Teatro Spazio Sfera – Bussero Milano Accademia Internazionale Coreutica Artistic Director Elisabetta Hertel Firenze Italy Corso di formazione Pre-professionale (10/13 anni) a frequenza mensile (1 week end al mese) in danza classica e contemporanea Corso formazione professionale (13/19 anni) a frequenza giornaliera in danza classica […]